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research interests

climate remediation or "geoengineering" (large-scale interventions into the climate system in order to ameliorate global warming). energy geographies. remote sensing and "socializing the pixel." crowdsourcing and citizen sensors. narrative propagation through new media. ethnographies of scientific communities. environmental history. land degredation in syria. environmental migration. ecological distribution conflicts. climate justice.

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personal information

I was born March 19, 1981, in Richfield, Utah; grew up in the planned utopian community of Columbia, Maryland; attended universities in New Orleans, Arizona, Colorado, Sweden. Went to forty-eight states; grappled with the idea of America. Things I love about this country: diversity, vast landscapes, apple pie. Things the country needs to work on: discovering the joy of rail transit. I speak passable Spanish, read basic German, and would love to learn more languages. I love dancing, aikido, trains, ruined buildings, rainfall (even monsoons), rabbits, walking through rice fields, identifying wild plants, and listening to music: French pop, rai, gamelan, gypsy punk, Russian disco. I somehow manage to maintain a kind of idealism that we can make the world more inhabitable for all, and am delighted to meet people who think the same.


I * love * my * world